In the future, companies will not have to do their own advertising. All of the products that they sell will do the advertising for them. As of now, most companies advertise in at least some way whether it’s a television ad, a Facebook page, or a newspaper ad, they try to get their name out there. But most of this advertisement is not free (besides social media). In the future, not only will businesses not be paying for most of their advertising, but consumers will be paying businesses to advertise for them.

What do I mean by this? As of now, there are already some businesses that are taking advantage of the idea of having the customer provide free advertisements. Brands such as American Eagle, Aeropastale, and UGG have their name showing on many of the products that they sell so that when the customer uses it, others can see where it is from. People are becoming walking advertisements. If they like a product, they use it and everyone else around them sees that person using it and many of them may want to check it out.

hoodie             aero


In the future, I think that all products that can have this, will have this. And if they already do have their name on the product, they will make it bigger and bolder. Kleenex tissues has their name on the bottom corner of the boxes of tissues that they sell. That will be a thing of the past. The name KLEENEX will be on all sides of the box and will stand out. Anyone who comes over and uses my box of tissues will know that they are using the soft goodness of Kleenex on their nose. If they like it, they are sure to know where it came from. If you buy a Toyota, not only will it have the name Toyota printed small on different parts of the vehicle, but instead, the name TOYOTA will be plastered on the back in big letters for everyone to see as they drive behind you. Not only will it be there for them to see, but they can’t even avoid seeing it; they are a captive audience that has no choice but to know where you got your vehicle from.

            I imagine that there will still be some advertising that businesses pay for, especially for services such as plumbing or hair salons

because they don’t have a product to sell. Other than that, I think more and more businesses will be taking advantage of the ability to have consumers do their advertising for them.


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