Right now, companies are sticking to the traditional forms of advertising such as television, magazine, radio, and newspaper ads. They have not yet tapped into true reason that people want and buy things: Because other people want and have those things. People just want to fit in. They want to do and have what is “cool”. If the “cool kids” have an ipod, then you want an ipod. If they wear clothes from a specific store, then you want to wear clothes from that store too. People think that other people will like them because of the things that they own, and half the time, they are right.

In the future, businesses will tap into this desire to fit in. They will hire the “cool kids” in schools, and the popular employees at other non-competing companies to use their products and make other people want them too. This idea came to me from a movie that I saw a while back called “The Joneses”. It was about a family of 4 that was not actually a family. They were hired to act like a family and got all the newest products. They were hired to become popular in their school/neighborhood/ workplace and show off all of their things. Because they were popular, others wanted the things that they had. They were trained in the art of manipulating those around them to get them to buy the products. Businesses used them to be a hidden form of advertisement and increase their profits.

This is the trailer for the movie:

I believe that in the future, this idea will become reality. We will never know who really likes a product, and who is just being paid to say that they like a product. People will be “planted” in our lives to show us all of the newest gadgets and trends. But because we don’t know that they are trained salesmen, we think that we actually want the things that they are trying to sell us. We won’t have our guards up because we will be unaware that people we think are our friends are actually hired to manipulate us. As of now, when we go to buy a car or any other product really, we know that the people in the store are going to tell us everything we want to hear so that we buy the products they are selling, so our guard is up. But in the future, we will always have to have our guard up because you will never know who is manipulating you.

This is the full movie of “The Joneses” which shows how simple it is to get your friends to want the things that you have:


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