Since it has already become super easy to self-promote one self through Twitter and other social media sites, I think the PR industry will die out eventually. The amount of people on social media and bloggers, people can promote themselves easier than in the past. If it is this easy now and social media is growing, then in the future it will be even easier to use the internet for self-promotion. Athletes already do it through Twitter, as many professional and collegiate athletes can post whatever they want on their personal Twitter accounts that are followed by thousands. Athletes use Twitter for self-promotion as well as self-representation. That proves that in the future, PR won’t really be needed if athletes can do it all themselves without a PR agency or anyother help. It also means that if more business owners do the same through social media, then there would be no need for PR. It would be self promotion through the business. If the social media outbreak keeps up, the PR agencies will die out.


Bigger companies and corporations have PR departments or use PR agencies to promote their businesses. Companies now have started to hire people only for their social media and to control what gets posted. If social media keeps on growing as it already has, then companies will stop using PR departments and agencies and stick with the social media people. It will cause PR agengencies to die out. People can self-promote through social media which costs less and is easier for companies than to bring in outside agencies to the company.


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