Have you ever turned on the news and been like “Ughhh I DON’T CARE”? I know I have. There are certain topics that I am interested in, but other things just bore me and so I change the channel to watch a different news station’s story that interests me more. The future of public relations will have none of this “changing the channel” business. If I am on channel 10, that’s where they are going to try to keep me.

News stations have many stories that are researched but never get videotaped, or they get videotaped and never make it on the news. The future of public relations will provide viewers with all of the options that they can. News stations will videotape as many stories as they can and as big of a variety of stories as they can. These stories will be put into categories and listed on each person’s television screen when they turn on the news. Your TV will allow you to scroll through the stories and watch whichever stories you prefer to watch as many times as you want to watch them within the time allotted to the news program. You can choose to watch only news about foreign affairs, or you can choose to watch a little about politics, a little about the weather, and a little about the latest fashion trends.

In my eyes, this will advance the field of public relations because the people who are interested in the story will never miss it, unlike now when the story only airs once and a person might be showering during that 5 minutes.

If a person is interested in a business or topic, they can get the latest news, and if a person couldn’t care less about the business, they don’t have to hear about it. This is similar to Kelleher’s topic of “pull” media because instead of the news pushing stories and information onto viewers, the ones that see the stories are actively seeking it because they are interested. I also believe that it will attract more people to watching the news because they are not going to be forced to watch stories about politics when all they really care about is the latest celebrity gossip or the latest tragedy. I know if I got to choose which stories I heard about and which stories I didn’t have to hear, I would definitely watch the news more often.



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