As time goes on, email has become less popular due to the acceleration of social media and texting. There are quicker ways of getting the message across than email and people in the technology generation who use and check social media way more than email can use social media and text to get ideas out and everything. Since this generation already does not use email as much, it will eventually die out. I already has become something that people rarely use. There are other ways to communicate better than email.


When email first came out, everybody was using it. It was the new big thing to do, but then something else came around and everybody stopped using email as much as they were. Texting came around and people switched to it because it was like instant messaging, but you didn’t have to be online. The same kind of thing happened with Facebook. When it first became big, everybody joined, but the changes that Facebook makes turnes people away from it. With everything that is a fad, it passes and society is onto the next big thing. Things die out that society doesn’t need anymore, it has always been that way. Eventually, there will be a company that produces something that is way better than everything we already have and little by little, email will slowly fade out of our lives.


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