You join groups in your everyday life whether you notice it or not.  You hang with friends that have similar interests of yours and find yourself joining communities quite frequently.  You assimilate with people that are like you.  When you do this, you have actually congregated in a community, but we just rarely call it that.  Public Relations will find your community and Public Relations agencies will represent you for their marketing strategy.  These agencies will work diligently to represent your community and find out what your community is looking for.  For example Public Relations agencies will no longer look at people who wear Nike sneakers but will look at communities such as runners who come together determine the design new products.  PR agents will be like the Drew Rosenhaus of sports.  They will gobble up the most marketable talent (community), and bid their new product ideas to large companies.  Doing so will require PR agents to have a greater legal knowledge than ever before.  On part Agent, one part legal counsel.



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