WLOGOLOCKUPBLKThis day and age, it seems as though we have lost sight of traditional public relations. What is “traditional” Pr you might ask? If i had to define it, it is any of the following ways that a company communicates to the public: Billboards, posters, radio, and paper ads. I specifically want to focus on billboards and what effect they have on us to this day; if any effect at all. I have been studying billboards lately and whether or not they really speak to me or have any sort of effect on me. The billboards that stick out to me the most around the Rochester area are Wegmans billboards. I couldn’t help it as I was driving down 490 South the other day but notice their bright billboard by the airport. It is genius. It is a big giant billboard out in the open with no buildings, other billboards, or clutter to distract the person looking at it. The person is almost forced to look at their billboard rather than anything else. In addition to this strategy, Wegmans uses bright colors and a soft appeal to the audience. The billboard read “Low prices on items that your family buys most” and has a picture of a cute little girl with it. Not only does this slogan say the obvious, but it has a deep pathos appeal to people driving by. It has a deep pathos appeal because it includes the word “family.” Just this word alone will sell some people. However, with having a little girl in the ad they also appeal to any little kids that see the advertisement would be more inclined to say something to their parents or ask their parents to go Wegmans because they associate a little kid with the store brand. Billboards are not a dying cause in public relations, or advertising for all that goes.


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