So, who doesn’t know about Instagram? I don’t think any of us would ask a questions about it. Instagram grew from a simple app to a huge source and is considered to be a media on the level of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

But, as difficult as it is to get there, it is not any easier to keep the “celebrity” status in media “popular club”. So, can we hope Instagram will be doing as well as it does now in a few years?

In order for Instagram to keep its status, they should:


  • Keep working on technical difficulties. Sometimes the all crashes in the middle of uploading a photo or while choosing an effect.
  • Instagram already has a few extra apps that have more options to it such as framing a few pictures together, adding a “photoshop” finish, correcting the light… But everyone I’ve asked and myself as well prefer other framing and correcting apps because the ones from Instagram have a habit of crashing, messing up pictures, and their options are simply not that amazing. This should be worked on.
  • Instagram is doing pretty amazing with Twitter and Facebook pages, but it would be nice if one would not have to wait forever to hear back from Instagram people. If I had a question, a problem, or a “thank you” note, I’d have to wait for up to a week to hear back, and sometimes I am just left to be ignored! Not nice, not nice at all.

  • Thirdly, Instagram just came up with an option like Facebook where people can tag you in their pictures, and your Facebook will have an album “Instagram photos of…”. Knowing how Facebook has been having a lot of bad reviews on the whole picture privacy deal, Instagram has to be very careful with how they protect their users.
  • Instagram, speaking of privacy, is doing a good job at keeper creepers away, and letting people choose if they want their pictures public or private, but I’d like to see more options. I want to be able to hide a few and not all of my pictures. I also want to be able to go back to the  caption and fix my mistypes, but, as of now, I cannot do that, so I have to delete the whole picture and start all over again. Very annoying.
  • :Lastly, just like Walgreens, Instagram has to make sure all their projects run smoothly. They keep improving the app, which is a great thing to do, but it would be devastating to see all of it being ruined by not paying a proper attention to small details. 



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