What do you think of an advertisement when you see an animal in an advertisement? Do you think it is subjective or objective? Animals are often a way to really allure a deep presence in the PR field. It can easily attract someone and cause them to be more engaged at what is trying to be conveyed in the advertisement. Animals are seen as being personified- that is making them appear to be doing human-like functions such as talking, walking, or posing to imitate a way that humans could only pose. So what about animals being personified in ads is so persuasive or alluring? Maybe it is the fact that your personal favorite furry friend is on the ad and it is reason enough to be sold on the ad. Animals are a strong way to connect to the market emotionally because they appeal to all ages, demographics, and ethnicities. Take for example the Coca-Cola polar bear. Remember those ads years ago? They were always so cute, cuddly, and jolly looking. They appealed to all ages and just look at them, who could ever resist? 



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