We always hear stories about different places such as China, North Korea, and other countries whose media is completely controlled by their government.  I think in the future there is a strong possibility that our media will be filtered and almost completely controlled by the government.


I think it depends on who we have for a president next, but I definitely think that there will be some form of stricter control on media.  You can tell that our media is already somewhat filtered by the government, but it is not nearly as bad as it could be.

In an article “Media in the United States”, by Anup Shah, She talks about how the media is controlled by the government and it is noticed more by those outside the US.  Though, Shah points out that we are starting to realize the control they have now more than ever I think we are skeptical and do not want to believe we are being kept in the dark about more things than we think.


If we stay skeptical this could set us up to be taken advantage of.  In the future everything we read and see could be twisted in a certain way for us to form opinions about the government and issues going on.  This censorship will make it hard for the US citizens to rebel because it will almost be like we will have been brainwashed.  This could change our world of democracy forever.

On the other hand this could go the complete opposite way.  The public may see this censorship happening right before their eyes and rebel immediately.  In this case I think it will make our democracy stronger and do the complete opposite.  It will present an opportunity for everything to be aired out in our community and give us a fresh start to have  completely open and non-altered version of media and information.


About courtneydubiel

I'm a freshman at SJFC. I'm a communications major hoping to get into advertising.

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